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RYA Diesal Engine Courses

RYA Diesal Engine Courses

RYA Diesel Engine course syllabus

The aim of this course is to give awareness of the main systems of a marine diesel engine and
the ability to take simple measures to prevent mechanical breakdown at sea and rectify defects
which do not require workshop support.

• Principles of the diesel engine

The four stroke cycle
• Naturally aspirated engines
• Turbocharging
• Intercooling / aftercooling

The fuel system
• The basic system
• The tank
• The water-separating pre-filter
• Fuel lift pump
• The engine fine filter
• Injection pump
• Injectors
• Bleeding the system

The cooling system
• Seawater cooling
• Freshwater cooling
• Temperature control
• The thermostat
• The seawater impeller pump

The air systems
• The airway in and out

Engine electrical systems
• The basic system
• Battery capacity and care
• Drive belts
• The alternator

Spares and tool requirements
• Basic spares and tools

Importance of winterisation and servicing
• Engine lubrication
• Transmission lubrication
• Winterisation and servicing
• Service schedule

Fault finding

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