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RYA RADAR course syllabus

The aim of this course is to teach students to use small boat Radar to assist decision-making
in navigation, pilotage and collision avoidance.

Switching on and setting up
• Adjusting brilliance
• Contrast
• Gain
• Range
• Tuning

Refining the picture
• Adjust the sea clutter and rain clutter controls to suit prevailing conditions
• Head up and North up mode

Understanding the picture
• The factors affecting the clarity of the visual image

Radar reflectors
• Understanding what affects the received image

Fixing Position by radar
• Plot the vessel’s position. Use of VRM and EBL

Pilotage by radar
• Understands how to prepare a simple pilotage plan including use of clearing ranges

Collision avoidance
• Understands how to determine the risk of collision with another vessel
• CPA, course and speed
• The existence of automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA & MARPA)
• The implications of IRPCS when in restricted visibility

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