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Get Into Sailing

Get Into Sailing
Get Into Sailing
1-day workshops
We run pre-sylabus workshops such as the GIS Pre-syllabus workshop. and post-syllabus courses, such as the Yacht Master Class, to consolidate the learning we have been through on the syllabus. These are more relaxed courses where sharing skills and experience are more common. They can cost anything from £45 to £85 depending on how much the course expenses are, and all the information you need on each course is issued in the event calendar, against the workshop title.

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Summary of our GIS Pre-syllabus Learning Course

Get Into Sailing (GIS) was developed to give a taster understanding of the theoretical aspects, to people hoping to try sailing. Also, for people who already sail and want attend the RYA Day Skipper course, it offers a complete foundation, of the standard you might have hoped to start with. GIS will give you more confidence about the subject of sailing or yachting. It’s designed to take you back to the beginning, with your thinking and train you into thinking like a sailor, so you can hold-you-own in conversations about yachting, and arrive at the pontoon feeling more like you know the subject.

“It’s a brilliant course, full of the real thinking-bolts of seamanship.”

We call the GIS an "Intro" workshop, not because it needs to be attended before the DS course but because it is a stand-alone workshop:

  • for those at a pre-entry (to DS or Yachtmaster) level
  • for those who missed the formal initial concepts
  • for those who just want to know what it’s all about
Would this course suit me?

If you’re reading this, the course is for you: you’re curious to see if yachting is your thing; you’re an old salty who wants to go back to the drawing board and learn it the right way round; you just like anything to do with sailing and want to join in.

Length of 1-day workshop

10am to 4.30

What do I need to join?

Apart from having a reasonable command of your old maths and English standards there are no pre-requisites at all for this course.

Tutors will accommodate different levels of skill and experience within the class, and learners will be encouraged to identify and work on their own particular areas of interest. Please speak to the Advice and Guidance team if you are unsure. 

What can I expect to learn?

By the end of this course you should feel as if you can approach any part of the RYA DS course with a good foundation-knowledge to build upon or you may be inspired to go and get a boat and start sailing.

What complementary ‘life skills’ are gained from this course?
Personal and People management and leadership: as a skipper, you will be encouraged to develop tolerance and tact toward fellow crew/class members as well as a better understanding of “self”.

Which other courses/courses of study does this course link with?

The RYA Day Skipper
RYA Day Skipper Practical : RYA Coastal Skipper : RYA Yachtmaster : RYA Yachtmaster Ocean : RYA First Aid At Sea : RYA Diesel Engine : RYA VHF Radio Certificate :

How will I be learning?

The GIS takes place as a Workshop. There is no assessment. You’ll work within groups and teams as well as on your own. There will be no homework set. However, your tutor will point you in the right direction for reading materials to extend upon subjects learnt on the day

How will I know when I'm making progress?

Your learning will be confirmed by self and peer acknowledgement. You and your tutor will record your progress through progression of class-based activities

Are there extra costs?




Course books: 


Course Tools:

Please bring your DS kit with you if you have it. If you do not yet own Navigation tools, please bring a 2B pencil & rubber, a pen & notepad, a ruler and a calculator. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these and don’t go out and buy them especially – there may be chance to share and borrow these, and an opportunity to ask for more resources

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